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A number of Asturian fiestas have been declared of Tourist Interest and are very well known, among which are:


Antroxu in Aviles is the most famous carnival celebration in the region thanks to its popular International and Foam Descent of Galiana (Descenso Internacional y Fluvial de Galiana), which has been celebrated for the last 300 years. Although the big day is Saturday, the days before and after are full of activities: chigres (cider bar) decoration and pet costume competitions, fiesta de comadres (a women-only night out), brass bands, costume parades, gastronomic events with Antroxu dishes... even the "burial of the sardine" is a reason for celebration.


Celebrated on Easter Sunday and Monday, the Butter Cake Festival is the closing act of Holy Week fiestas in Aviles. On Monday there is a parade with floats, which is when Godparents give their Godchildren the butter cake of Aviles (which is where the name of the fiesta comes from). On Monday, thousands of people attend the massive street meal where both the streets of the old town and Ferrera Park are filled with people.


The most important celebration of Celtic Culture in Asturias welcomes folklore groups from all over the world. In addition to the festival, there are artisanal, cultural, sports and leisure events over a 10-day period. More than 100 events of a wide variety are held, among which stand out the traditional market about the customs and traditions of Celtic culture.


This event is a point of reference in northern Spain for longboard and surf culture. In addition, this festival is the longest running of its kind in Europe, and is among the top three in the world. Apart from surf competitions there are concerts, workshops, markets and projections, among other activities.

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